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Aluminium Ladder

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Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium Ladder

It is the most popular choice for ladders used in domestic settings. Because they are lightweight, Aluminium ladders are easy to lift and move. And they are fairly resistance from the rusting, these qualities make the best fit for ladders.

While aluminium ladders are fairly robust and can be used outdoors, they shouldn't be stored outdoors long-term. Unlike other metal laddersaluminium won't rust – making ladders of this type suitable for outdoor use and storage. However, it's the other materials that you need to be worried about.If you used as intended and properly stored, you will enjoy these ladders for many years that why EQUAL’s ladders are most durable and trustworthy in the market. 

  • Product Code: FSPL-170
  • Grade: Aluminium
  • Size: 2Mtr,3 Mtr,4Mtr,6 Mtr
  • Rate: 0 INR
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